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Consolidating subsidiaries accounting

When one company owns a significant stake in another business -- generally defined as at least 20 percent -- it must account for that stake in its books using either consolidation or the equity method of accounting.Which method to use depends on how much it actually owns.You get a clear view through your group accounts in real time, in just one click, and in any currency you choose. By linking the range of branch-level ledger codes to a common set of group codes, accounts IQ allows your subsidiaries to enjoy individual coding structures while you retrieve the group analysis that you need.Consolidated accounting is used to group the financial information of a parent company and one or more subsidiary companies.The companies' financial results, therefore, are consolidated on a single set of statements.Internally, the parent is free to treat the subsidiary as a completely separate entity, but it must consolidate its finances in statements prepared for outside observers, such as banks, regulators and potential investors.

In the context of financial accounting, the term consolidate often refers to the consolidation of financial statements, where all subsidiaries report under the umbrella of a parent company.

In consolidated accounting, the parent company essentially treats the subsidiary company as if it doesn't exist.

All of the subsidiary company's assets and liabilities appear on the parent company's balance sheet, and all of the subsidiary company's revenue, expenses, gains and losses appear on the parent company's income statement.

Equity owned by the parent is presented separately from the noncontrolling interest of a subsidiary’s minority shareholders, although the parent can combine the noncontrolling interests of multiple subsidiaries.

A parent also combines 100 percent of the group’s income and expenses on the consolidated income statement.

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For example, the parent must record any intercompany loans from the subsidiary to the parent and any interest earned by the subsidiaries for these loans.