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But sex expert Tracey Cox said women are more than able to have multiples.

“Because women don’t fall to the post-orgasm resolution phase as quickly as a man does, it’s easier for us to climb back up and have further orgasms in succession,” she told Huff Post UK.

You could take up a cause and work together toward making the world better, or start a business and watch it go global.

You do have the potential to create something meaningful here, and you'll be even more successful if you add a touch of practicality.

These later social web platforms have taken the place of self-made homepages devoted to the individual.

No longer content to be members of specialized forums and bulletin boards, users opted instead for global citizenship featuring profile environments –the WWW’s version of a passport, or ID.

Sagittarius women often become public figures, artists, and travelers.

My reading for 2015 & 2016 is unbelievably fantastic, what about the Sagittarius women for 2015 & 2016?

You both are endlessly curious about the world around you.

I remember a time when the Internet of the ‘90s was filled with various spaces of sociality, catering to specialized categories and celebrities, likes and dislikes, somewhat chaotic and inundated with an overuse of graphics and early animation –it was a space to get lost in.

Users created and maintained identities with meaningful usernames and chat handles, or pseudonyms.

We may argue that this is the same today, and in some respects it is, but with the rapid standardization of browsers, the decline of homepages, the progress of mobile networking, and success of a few number of social networking platforms there can be no doubt that over the last decade our network has significantly changed our interactions and therefore personal identities.

Instead, today in the electric age as foretold by Marshall Mc Luhan, we mostly get lost in one another’s information because “electrically contracted, the globe is no more than a village” in which we are “eager to have things and people declare their beings totally.”[2] But it is clear that this “declaration of being” may be less about a deep faith in the “ultimate harmony of all being,”[3] and something closer to narcissism, voyeurism, and/or the most blatant example of the commoditization of one’s own identity.

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Boredom acts on her disappointingly, she tries to choose a profession associated with frequent relocation or change of activity.