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Who is john mellencamp dating now

You seemed to enjoy your recent CMT Crossroads show with Darius Rucker. When someone is that ingratiating, it's hard to be a curmudgeon, though I tried. We walked out and we went, "How come black people hate us? They fuckin' hate our guts." And then we both agreed that, you know, they've got good reason! I sat down and the guy next to me goes, "Hey, John, you want some popcorn? But I think I do." And he's always got some kind of ankle disease or some shit. A follow-up album recorded for MCA, The Kid Inside, was put on indefinite hold, but the singer managed to secure another record deal with the British label Riva Records, and two years later his next effort A Biography was released in the U. 1985 saw the beginning of Farm Aid, a festival staged to benefit struggling American farmers that was co-founded by the singer with fellow musicians Willie Nelson and Neil Young; two further incarnations of the benefit were staged in '86 and '87, both featuring Mellencamp's participation.During this period a switch was made to Mercury Records -- the first result of his new arrangement, Lonesome Jubilee (1987), featuring the integration of traditional folk/country instrumentation into the context of a typical rock band.

A consistent output was maintained up through the mid-1990s, support for the records and tours coming more and more from a core fan base rather than chart activity and media hype (an exception to this being the top ten duet with Me'Shell Ndeg Ocello on the Van Morrison song Wild Night in 1994).

John Mellencamp spends an awful lot of time alone, painting. My engineer said, "You sound like somebody." It turned out to be Louis Armstrong.

Not long ago, he went 35 days without leaving his Indiana compound, a stretch so lengthy that his 85-year-old dad told him he was worried. He's given me a lot of advice: "Go where they're not."Are you ever going to quit smoking?

Hold it – how do the country people define their relationship with me? I hate to sound like Little Richard, when he kept going, "I invented rock & roll! You recently said that Woody Guthrie wouldn't get any attention today. I knew they couldn't afford to, you know, take him to dinner. Well, I was in New York, and I went on a date with a girl.

I was doing this long before they were doing it – Scarecrow, Big Daddy, Lonesome Jubilee. " But if you ask Keith Urban or Kenny Chesney what inspired them, they'll tell you me. We went to a movie called – you should go to this movie – Get Out. When we have idle time on our hands, we turn it on ourselves and make shit up. "Your friend Bob Dylan shouted you out in his Musi Cares speech a couple of years back. That wink and a nod was worth more than 50 Grammys.

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John Mellencamp opened up about his past relationships and revealed how his ex-girlfriend, actress Meg Ryan, now hates his guts. The two reportedly split due to distance, but as Mellencamp makes clear, it was much deeper than that.