Who is lauren bedford dating

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Their interpretation of what happened with Amanda wasn’t right: my wanting to hang out with my friend was interpreted as me liking my friend – I don’t have feelings for Amanda, we just want to have fun.

It was funny – it’s the first time we were single at the same time in the same city – we love each other a lot but that one part was the only part that wasn’t quite right.

Lauren is a jewelry designer whose brand, Lyon, has become popular with the young Hollywood crowd. Now that it is over, they just want to know when the next season will be! I am much more focused on helping others as a huge priority in life.

Kelly Osborne recently flaunted some black diamond rings from Lyon on the pages of the glitzy fashion rag . What was it like to share that intimate part of your life on TV? Lauren: There is no way to really describe being filmed in these areas. I am a really open person, though, so I didn't feel vulnerable; it was a really freeing time in my life. Before, charity work was just a part, with my line of bracelets, and now it is a focus.

Although they didn’t win the record deal with Linda Perry, Kiyomi and Laura have continued to work with the producer on their new album, which they hope to release in the latter part of 2015. We got to see her welcome her best friend Amanda to L. from New York, meet the rest of the cast, party at Dinah Shore, and fall in love with Hunter Valentine’s own Kiyomi Mc Closkey. I knew a couple of people who had done the show, but I had a new jewelry line [at the time] and met up with my friend Amber who was applying and she said I should, too.The Seattle Lesbian’s Crystal Houtman had the pleasure of chatting with Lauren, where she dished on the show, her high-profile relationship and new jewelry line. She’s such an amazing girl so I figured that if she was applying I would, too.“Pretty much everything in my life has changed since the show,” Lauren said.“It seems like the only thing that is the same is my work — my jewelry line, Lyon.”Lauren moved from New York to LA in Season 3 but has been back in Brooklyn for close to two years.

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